If Trump is vindicated from colluding with Russia by the FBI and all other investigations, the mainstream media will lose substantial credibility

The mainstream media has been drumming up the Russian collusion narrative to a fever pitch for the last few weeks. While the FBI via James Comey’s testimony has confirmed that Trump is not under investigation, hardly a news hour goes by with the mainstream media not putting out some other narrative where the Trump administration is in cahoots with the Russians. This relentless push for a certain non-fact based narrative, at least in my mind, is eroding the credibility of the mainstream media who have proven to be unreliable and beholden to special interests time and again.

While Trump has every reason to dislike the mainstream media, ordinary people should trust the mainstream media. Is the media not the fourth estate? This one-sided narrative which is increasingly being proven as false is going to do permanent damage to almost every mainstream news outlet. In essence, they are letting down their own viewers who if haven’t wizened up already, are catching up rather fast that the media has its own agenda and it is not often fact based.

The media should report on facts. If there is evidence that Trump or his staff or his family in any way colluded with the Russians, then by all means – report and discuss on TV and online. But doing so without evidence, is poor entertainment and a sure recipe for losing credibility.

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