The mainstream media is pre-judging Trump’s campaign team as having colluded with the Russians somehow to subvert the election or having done something nefarious.

The mainstream media’s dislike for Trump and his dislike for the mainstream media is obvious. If you look through the recent mainstream media headlines, it almost appears as if the mainstream media wants to impeach Trump and somehow has pre-judged him, without providing any evidence, of his or his team’s supposed guilt by association with the Russians in some deadly plot. The whole media’s Trump finger-pointing blitzkrieg has only accelerated after Comey’s firing as if Trump fired Comey to protect himself from an investigation underway with the FBI.

The problem here for the media is that without evidence, if this whole exercise to discredit Trump falls apart in time due to lack of evidence, the media’s reputation will be not be salvageable. Members of the Democratic party who are also now giving TV appearances will also suffer by association to this witch hunt. There is a lot to criticize Trump for. But accusing him of collusion with the Russians without evidence is a sure recipe for disaster for the accusers.

What actually seems to be the bigger national security issue, that has been completely ignored by the mainstream media, is how classified information is being leaked by someone or a group of people in the administration to the media. The deliberate attempts to undermine the Presidency is a very serious occurrence that should result in jail time for someone.

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