Religious Nuts and Star Trek

On numerous occasions, I have run into religious nuts. People who seem to quote passages from religious texts as if its fact.

I suppose this is true for just about everywhere there are a certain group of people who run their daily business based on the prevalent religious text in that area.

Now there is nothing wrong is basing your life on a book or whatever else you believe in.

But to subject other people to your religious beliefs is not nice or civilized.

For example, I am a Trekkie. I find that the entire collection of Star Trek has enough lessons for all of mankind on a wide variety of topics.

I would go so far as to say that I (personally) believe that all of life’s lessons and a generally good way to live life can be learned by watching Star Trek.

I also know that Star Trek is a work of fiction and treat it as such. That is, watching Star Trek is a voluntary activity.

And quoting passages from Star Trek is downright stupid.

This religious stupidity that is seen sometimes in real life and often in movies comes across as pretty obnoxious and weird.

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