The Iraq War: Is there an apology for the poor Iraqis and did they really ask for Bush’s democracy?

In 2006, A Johns Hopkins study placed the Iraqi civilian death toll at 600,000. Other estimates place the Iraqi civilian casualty between 200,000 and 1 million. If the injured Iraqis are also to be included in this number and estimated to be 3 injured for every 1 dead Iraqi, then we have a figure that easily exceeds the million mark any way you slice it.

Various other sources such as Iraq Body Count place the documented civilian casualty at about 100,000.

The US and British mainstream media has been careful to not blatantly discuss the Iraqi civilian casualty for obvious reasons. But there are many lessons to be learned by Bush’s Iraq War.

Whatever Saddam may have been, Iraq under Saddam was a safe country for most Iraqis, and Islamic fundamentalists and terrorist groups had no place in the country.

I think the American people were fooled by the Right Wing Conservatives under Bush, and America made a great and very embarrassing blunder that cannot be erased from the history of the USA.

These conservatives are the same people who claim to follow the word of God. I do not see anything remotely godlike in the behavior of the right wing. If you speak with some of them today, they will talk about how bad Saddam was and how justified the war was for helping the Iraqis. These are the same people who hate generally anyone else not on board with their agenda.

Its supremely important for the USA to realize that war is not a solution for anything and the misery wrongly inflicted on the Iraqis over 9/11 is an indirect equivalent to genocide.

Now that US troops are finally coming home, we should all ask ourselves whether the Iraqi deaths, US troop deaths, coalition troop deaths, economic waste and destruction of a country – was it all worth it?

Is the behavior displayed by the US what the founding fathers intended for the country?

Does the average Iraqi like the USA? I doubt it. I think every home in Iraq probably knows someone who died due to the war and they all now collectively suffer due to an ill advised war. I think while leaving Iraq at this time is not a decent thing to do, it is however a logical move by President Obama as there is no short term solution for Iraq’s stability and there is also no more money to fight anymore wars.  Iraq will be a mess for a long time to come.

Iraqi Civilian Toll Rising:

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