Fringe: The Fox Paradox

I think most of the Fox TV’s luminaries such as Bill O’Reilly or Glenn Beck are highly polarizing people and I don’t waste my time watching their shows.

I also think that for any broadcast medium to become some sort of a political mouthpiece (in this case the Republican party), leads to a general lack of credibility.

But, there is a wonderful Sci-Fi show called “Fringe” on Fox, that I think is absolutely fantastic and I am somewhat intrigued as to why a TV network embedded with Republican conservative ideology, would air a show that appeals to Sci-Fi enthusiasts who would question even the most basic tenets of the conservative base of the Republican party (Mixing human and animal DNA, Infinite Universes with differences being examples of  such ideas) .

Well, I think the makers of Fringe did realize that, and sprinkled some references to “God” in Walter Bishop’s explanation of what happened to him after he brought back a living version of his dead son from an alternate universe.

My conclusion is that the makers of Fringe wanted an additional season of Fringe on Fox and made a few strategic adjustments. Whether this idea is true or not, Fringe is a welcome addition to Fox.

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