Chrome is a better browser than Internet Explorer and Firefox from a security point of view

Over the last few months, I have had the opportunity to remove several malware/fake ad generators from various people’s PCs and also my own.

Much of it was picked up while browsing dubious file-sharing sites. Some of these fake ad generators are so insidious that a person using an infected computer can do nothing more than buy the fake virus/trojan removal product that is being advertised by the malware.

What I did realize is that only Internet Explorer and Firefox users were typically the victims of these infections. I did not try Safari but Chrome seems impervious to malware such as  “Antivirus XP 2010” which tries to trick you into buying a fake anti-virus product.

Some research revealed that Chrome’s got a sandbox mode of controlling content within each tab where malicious code on one tab cannot do anything outside that tab.

So, while you may like any particular browser, if you are browsing some strange websites, do use Chrome – even temporarily.  Personally, I like the Firefox interface best.

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