Paperless check deposits at JPMorgan Chase ATMs

Banking is one of those activities everyone performs but pays little attention to. I use several banks and have the opportunity to compare the services of each, atleast a few times each month.

So far, there has been little difference. JPMorgan Chase does have a very nice online control panel that lets you look at all your credit cards and banking accounts in one view, however there was little difference in terms of features that affect your way of life.

That is, till last week when I dropped into a JPMorgan Chase ATM to deposit a handwritten check. I was first struck by the absence of deposit slips and envelopes which in the past have been ‘out of stock’ at some locations and either you had to come back another day or drive to another location to make a deposit.

But then I noticed that the ATM machine had this new neon green slot that said “insert check”. Intrigued, I logged in, inserted the handwritten check, indicated my preference for a receipt and confirmed the amount of my deposit which was miraculously displayed on the screen.

Essentially the process of depositing checks that previously took about 4-5 minutes and licking an envelope, now takes less than 45 seconds and no paper is involved. This is an example of a perfect implementation of a paperless system, handwriting recognition and where technology really makes a difference to the customer. Wait, the environment now benefits too.

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