“Fix It Again Tony” No More: FIAT

On a recent trip to Italy and Greece, I was able to appreciate some of the models of cars from Italian auto maker Fiat that dominate Italian roads and to some extent Greek roads. Fiat has a large number of really good looking cars models and especially in the compact segment. Their Fiat 500 looks like a car that could be a huge success in the USA. It could compete with the Cooper Mini and possibly will be much cheaper. The Mini was an exceptional looking vehicle when it was launched in the USA. But now people have become used to the car and a new “cool” compact car can do quite well in the USA – especially if its a ‘souped’ up version.

I think all those ‘de-listed’ Chrysler dealers would do well to apply to become Alfa Romeo/Fiat dealers if they get the opportunity from whichever company ties up with Fiat.

Fiat Car

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