Really Saving Money on Car Insurance

Switching to a new auto/car insurance company saves you money or that’s what the advertisements say. But the reality of the matter is that, all things being equal (driving record, location, car safety features), the easiest way to save money on car insurance is to drive an old car and drive a small car with 4 cylinders rather than 6 or 8.

Insurance rates are based on the ability to do damage. Potential damage is directly proportional to the amount of power that your automobile has. Therefore reducing the size of your automobile engine will get you the largest discount on your auto insurance rate.

The second cost saving strategy is to eliminate collision coverage entirely. If you drive a car that’s typically worth under $5k – I would consider dropping collision entirely. I mean what’s the point paying extra bucks every year on a car that’s worthless anyway?

In rural areas buying an older car may or may not make sense depending on your situation due to safety issues such as inability to get a tow, excessive snow etc.

But in highly congested/metropolitan areas, buy a beatup fast revving smaller car, especially if you have to park on the street and make many sales calls. You will not care less if 20 new dings get on your car each year. Your insurance payments will be very reasonable.

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  1. dj medieval says:

    I drive a ’72 beetle with a spare 68 beetle in the garage. I think my insurance (full coverage) is something like $60 a month. 😀

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