Switching back to White Bread and the Nutrition Mafia

Sometime about a decade ago, I switched from white bread to whole grain wheat bread. Possibly due to the health benefits of brown bread being more wholesome, more fibre etc. etc. A few days ago I bought a loaf of the good old Wonder® Bread from a gas station for no particular reason at all.

And you know what? It tastes much better than the healthy whole grain bread that I’d been consuming for the last decade. I do not each much bread to begin with and I figured that if I had to make a sandwich, let me do so from now on with a bread I truly like. The lesson here is that I should have done what I liked to do to begin with rather than buy into all the media health hoopla.

On the topic of ‘Hoopla’ one should note the 80’s and 90’s media campaigns on the benefits of blueberries as antioxidants. Then in 2000 we got hit with pomegranate. Now its the Brazilian wonder berry acai. The list of “super foods” in the US goes on and on.

I say just go with whatever fruit or food that makes you feel good, eat in moderation and get some exercise. You should do just fine. Or you may spend all your life eating something that really had no proven benefit in improving your quality of life.

Note: I am not promoting Wonder® Bread. I am not a dietician or have any special knowledge about nutrition.

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