30% off incentive on eBay with the Microsoft Live Cashback program

Microsoft Live’s Cashback program offers 30% off virtually anything till a $200 limit in cash back per purchase. The only conditions are that you need to buy a product on eBay with the “Buy It Now” option and pay with PayPal.

Microsoft Live.com Cashback ProgramTo make use of this offer, first go to Live.com. Search for something like “Wii”. See the link around the top of the page for 30% cashback. (This percentage changes often). Click on the link to navigate to eBay. If your transaction is eligible, you will be told how much money to expect back before you pull the trigger.

This is possibly the best promotion I have ever come across. If you are looking for a new laptop or video camera etc. and you know the make and model of the product you wish to buy, just find out the best price through regular sources and then look for the products to see if they are listed on eBay with the “Buy It Now” option. This way, you know you are getting the absolute best price with a 30% off.

You can even buy gold. The Live.com cashback program also provides money-back on purchases made at various other stores such as TigerDirect.com. Although cash back on store purchases are more along the lines of FatWallet.com where you get to share in the referral fee.

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