Sarah Palin: A desperate attempt at getting Hillary votes

In my last post, I was hopeful of Obama selecting Hillary and McCain selecting Romney as their VPs. Obama has chose Biden and McCain has chosen Sarah Palin. The selection of Palin to get the Hillary vote bank looks like a very desperate move by the Republicans and will backfire.

Palin is not a patch on Hillary and does not share any of Hillary’s values. She is also the typical Republican who supports guns, hunting, anti-abortion and is not likely to appeal to any of the Hillary voters (Think about this: If every person in America gets into hunting, there will be no more wildlife in this country).

Biden in contrast is presidential material and a respected political figure.

In my reckoning, the poor economy, the irrational war in Iraq, the poor state of US foreign relations and the generally abysmal performance of the Bush government leave McCain with little to go on. And, it would be fair to say that after 8 years under Bush and the Republicans, who wants another 4?

And the Democratic team looks really good this time. No billionaires here. One thing’s for sure, the next president has been handed a really bad set of circumstances. This is in stark contrast to the Bush administration who were handed down a huge surplus by the Clinton Administration and a robust economy that had created a record number of jobs in decades.


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