Coding companies and code problems

We often hear of people complaining about error in their operating systems, software bugs at work and the usual complaints that anyone has with any type of technology related product. We also unfairly, at times, blame some companies more than others for their quality of products. Microsoft is one such company that comes to mind who arguably have contributed more to the information technology industry and to the betterment of business for the last 2 decades than any other company. But in all fairness, bugs and errors in the way software, servers, websites etc. work are all over the place.

Here’s an example, of an error I found today on the Infosys website.

Error on the Infosys website

Now the point here is that looking at errors has become a fact of life. Many of the simpler errors we see are avoidable but humans are prone to making mistakes and as long there is a human mind behind a product, there will be problems. I see products patches from Adobe, Microsoft, Apple etc. a positive and continuous process in the improvement of their products.

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