Wall-E: The greatest robot sci-fi movie of all time with a message on the state of human civilization and sustainability

Wall-E is an outstanding Sci-fi and animated movie. With two robots as the main characters (along with a cockroach),  with about 10 words to speak between them, the animators have displayed their incredible skill at visual story telling.

While the animation, the story, the emotional delivery through robots and almost everything else about this movie is outstanding, what makes this movie phenomenal is that the creators have tried to draw attention to the state of human civilization and the super-consumers who will eventually contribute to the death of this planet.

The impressive visuals of a lone robot picking up waste and creating mountains of compressed metal cubes, delivers a message that is undeniably powerful.

“Humans – consume a hell of a lot and generate a lot of waste which we really do not know what to do with (Developed nations in particular)”.

This movie has a powerful green message and should be watched by every single person on this planet.

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