Instant online age verification via Integrity

I came upon this online identity verification service while trying to look at an “adult” video of the upcoming Harold & Kumar movie. Now, what struck me as being unique is that this service asks you for your first name, last name and zip code and using a list of government issued IDs figures out who you are and your age and provides access to a certain service.

The Integrity website claims to have a database of driver’s licenses and government issued IDs from 157 nations.  While this service may not seem to be too useful considering it is easy enough to bypass if you know the full name and zip code of anyone, it does have some appeal in terms of the social responsibility issues of online business. At some point we may see services like Integrity a basic requirement to conduct business to a restricted age group. It also makes me wonder how secure information is with the government of whichever country you belong to.


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