Tall claims to become President? Hillary a better candidate.

We’ve all been hearing the front runners for the Presidential nomination talk about their good judgement. But how much of it is really true? For example Obama claims he ‘voted’ against the Iraq war. But since he was not in the Senate at the time of the war vote, he essentially did not do anything out of the ordinary. In essence, if this ‘personal’ non-official voting record is his only claim to fame along with the ability to speak eloquently, what exactly is the Democratic front-runner offering?

Hillary’s support of NAFTA, that wrecked many US jobs has come back to bite her. But due to the fact that she has served in the government longer than Obama, she can be criticized more as she has more of a track record to criticize. Between the two, Hillary is a better bet for President as she has more experience and I think by now she would have realized her previous mistakes  in judgment on various issues.

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