World class DJs and DJ sets a click away

“When the sun is cold and black
When you wanna scream and shout
And the record plays the dark side of the moon”

These are some of the lyrics of “Dark Side of the Moon by Ernesto Vs. Bastian that I was just listening to. This track is a part of the Canadian Culture – Set 1 mix by DJ Kristoff.

I tend to listen to a lot of music and most of it consists of the electronic genre in the form of DJ Sets. What absolutely amazes me is the depth and breadth of international talent that the internet makes readily available to you. The advantage of a DJ Set is that for a couple of hours you get a hand picked medley of mixed tracks that seamlessly merge into one another. The result for me is, I can actually focus better and longer. I am sure this music induced trip-hop is probably the best focus medicine out there for many.

Check out these really talented DJs:

DJ Andy Gregory

DJ Kristoff

DJ Medieval

Want to make your own mix set? Head on over to and listen to a huge selection of singles. Also checkout for a broad range of internet radio stations.

2 Responses to “World class DJs and DJ sets a click away”

  1. DJ Medieval says:

    Thanks for the kind words. :]

  2. Andy Gregory says:

    hey Ranjan! Hope you have a great New Year! 😀

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