Hard drive freezes and then your PC hangs – could be just your cable

If the following symptoms apply to you, all you may need to do is swap your hard drive cable. Most hard drive manufacturers will ship one along with their hard drives so finding a replacement cable should be really easy.

1) Your PC frequently freezes on hard drive access
2) When yor PC freezes your desktop functions like your mouse cursor were the last to hang
3) Your hard drive /IDE access lights stay continually lit when in the ‘hang’ state
4) Checking your Event Viewer logs, inside your control panel, shows you several disk errors under the “System” row with the following (or similar) text:
“The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk0\D.”


If after swapping your hard drive cable, the problem still exists, change the power connector to a spare one or one from another device, as there could be a power issue. If changing the power connector solves the problem, then you need to look for a replacement power supply and change your existing one ASAP.

If changing the power connector does not provide a solution, then look for updated device drivers from the motherboard manufacturer.

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