Domain Registrars and the price of traffic

Today, I found this terrific domain which had recently expired and was available for registration. My theory about domain names is that if you see something that can generate even 50 direct visits a day, it’ll pay for itself in a couple of months even by parking it with a service like If you’re lucky you may get a nice buyout for a couple thousand dollars.

I use and for almost all of my domain booking needs. I found that in this instance was down with no access to their control panel. Say you had to have a new website/service launched the next day, I am sure you would have had a stressful day if this was the case. This makes me wonder if going for a larger business that is more expensive for some of its services, may be justified in some cases where availability is mission critical. In the screenshot below we see a nice LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) implementation powering


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