Trulia: Easy to use service that redefines the real-estate research experience

After spending 5 minutes at looking at property listings, it became evident to me that this was a service whose forte was presentation and simplicity of use. The concept is simple, allow multiple vendors to submit their property listings, aggregate and classify the data and present it using an intuitive visual interface. Although the number of listings on Trulia is far lower than many internet data exchange services, the interactive map feature allows to you quickly get a feel of a market and also to see neighborhoods on a map. For example if you were looking for a house close to a particular highway or a golf course, this service makes it easy to identify potential places to go looking for a house. is a welcome change from every other depression inducing service that is out there. The service is also testament to the fact that if you just take an existing concept that works, put in an improvement or two along with a certain ‘twist’ you’ve got yourself a brand new service.


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