Linkedin “People you may know” automatic suggestions

If you’re one of the many thousand relentless networking types using Linkedin, you may have been puzzled/appreciative/irritated of the “People you may know” feature.

The way this feature works is quite simple (or atleast I think so):

Linkedin offers people the ability to import Yahoo, Gmail, Aol contacts and also virtually any list of contacts using a contacts file generated by various messaging and mail platforms.

If your name figures on anyone’s list in any of these contact collections, you’ll get to see some new names in the ‘People you may know’ feature.

A lot of people upload just about anything without paying a second thought. I got to see some names of prospective clients whom I’d not emailed more than once. So how this feature works became clear to me once I noticed that I had nothing in common with these people except that I’d probably sent a document a couple of years back and probably was added to their contact list.

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