It’s good enough if objectives are met.

The objective of any task is to get a desired result. And as long as the desired result is achieved, the activity can be termed a success. In business, you often come across people who are too detail oriented, thus wasting time or who diverge so much from the goal, that the objective is not realized.

Both behaviors tend to waste an organization’s funds. A useful approach to solving such issues to understand that sometimes ‘good enough’ is adequate and define ‘good enough’ before any task.

A real world example of a ‘good enough’ product is the Berkshire Hathaway website. Some say its, plain – too plain. Maybe its not standards compliant. But the bottom line, is that the website does what is supposed to do – which is inform its shareholders and anyone interested in the company and its activities. No wonder Warren Buffet can make and give away so much money.

Below are screen shots of two corporate websites. One company is doing really well and the other (Foxtons) with an award winning website recently filed for Chapter 11.

Berkshire Plain but Efficient Website
Foxtons website screenshot

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